Video Production

We have 80 years' combined experience creating stories on film and video for such outfits as Discovery Channel, PBS, National Geographic and others. We especially love returning legacy media to active use, be it cultural documentaries, advertising/marketing, museum exhibits, web clips or oral history.

Transcoding / DVD / Blu-ray

Specialists in format conversion for optimum image quality, we fix the most vexing video issues including frame rate errors, aspect ratio changes, bad lip sync, interlacing/deinterlacing, downconversion, upconversion, scaling and cropping, and more.

Presentation Consultation

We've designed video theaters, editing suites, museum projection installations and many internet-based and monitor-based media presentations.

Screenings and Events

Have a special screening or a series that you need to go perfectly? Gotcha covered. We coordinate screenings around the US, negotiating rates and managing details so you can sit back and enjoy the show.

Training Workshops

We present custom training and educational workshops:

  • Intro to: Media Preservation
  • Media Preservation for the Museum Professional
  • Digital Media Management
  • Intro to: Short Moviemaking (adult and youth)
  • Intro to: Camera and Lighting
  • Intro to: Editing
  • Intro to: Media Cataloguing for Archives